Dedicated Nearshore Talent & Tech.

Built for the Transportation & Logistics Industry.

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve sat behind the same desk. There are a lot of moving parts that keep your customers’ parts moving. We know what it takes to be successful. We also know the shortcomings. That’s why we created Lynxus.

We saw there was a need for flexible staffing, processes and technologies to get things done more efficiently. With our established relationships, staffing and software expertise, we can identify opportunities where your company can improve and implement smart solutions. Consider us a seamless extension of your business. We are your strategic partner for reducing costs, delegating tasks and setting up automation — all of which allow you to increase productivity, reach revenue goals and improve customer satisfaction.



Let us be your strategic partner for targeting and retaining high-end talent.

Freight Workflow Planning & Execution

Lead Generation, Inside Sales & Marketing

Scheduling, Dispatch & Tracking

24/7 Help Desk & Customer Service

Carrier Contracting & Compliance

Carrier to Shipper Load Matching

Freight Audit, Invoicing & Collection

Freight Claims Processing

Report Generation & Maintenance



Let us help you become more efficient and assist in implementing smarter solutions.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Software Architecture & Support

TMS Selection, Integration & Configuration

Workflow Automation & Machine Learning

Custom Analytics & Reporting

CRM Selection, Integration & Configuration

Agile Project Management

EDI & API Facilitation

Infrastructure Hosting & Security

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We are entering disruptive times in the logistics industry. Shipper demands and expectations are extremely high while margins continue to compress. Competitors are undercutting pricing to buy volume, getting bigger via M&A rollups, or carving out new niches as freight-tech startups. How will you level the playing field? Do you have the talent and technology to stay relevant? Lynxus has the leaders and know-how to help your business navigate these uncertain times.

Why Choose Lynxus?

Our executive team has 14+ years of combined experience providing top quality flexible and effective services to multi-national companies in the transportation and logistics industries. You can expect the following when partnering with Lynxus.

More flexibility and competitive advantage

More access to high-quality services and execution experience from top human resource

Fewer risks, by sharing them with your business partner

More control of your resources and decisions

More insight and visibility of operational trends

Less operational and labor costs

More time and resources dedicated to the growth of your business

More process re-engineering opportunities

Fewer legal responsibilities

We operate in the U.S. and in Colombia’s main innovation hub in Medellín.

Our time zones match and we share your office’s hours, so you and your customers won’t have availability delays. And if you want to come visit? No problem. We are less than 3 hours away from the U.S.

Our modern offices feature all the perks top talent look for in a rewarding career. Combine that with top of the line technology and you have a modivated team ready to provide world-class service.

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