LYNXUS Shipment Tracking

A leading broker has entrusted several business processes to LYNXUS, including 100% of their Track & Trace.


Increase in touches per agent


More inbound calls handled


Completed inbound calls (increased from 31%)

Shipment Tracking

Discover a more effective method for tracking and tracing with LYNXUS. Streamline your processes and gain clearer visibility into your operations today.

Find your way to better Track & Trace

LYNXUS Agents record the movement of goods and deliverables directly into your TMS with detailed coherent notes.

LYNXUS delivers intelligent track & trace 

    • Human-in-the-loop intervention to keep your loads on track.

LYNXUS agents monitor your digital tracking system 24/7. When there are glitches, they contact drivers, checkpoints, and final delivery destinations to determine status and handle yard management and dock scheduling issues. It was cited by 47 percent of respondents in the retail industry as their top worry. When a load needs to be traced they initiate electronic system search, message and phone contacts, and request physical reconnaissance if required.

    • Positive brand perception

Your dedicated Track & Trace team members are adept at contacting consignees to reset delivery expectations while maintaining the recipient's positive brand image of the shipper and the carrier.
LYNXUS Disposition and Intent Training (LDIT™) enables agents to take a consultative approach when talking with consignees to deflect feelings of frustration and arrive at resolutions that are reasonable and satisfactory to the recipient.
Agents work within the parameters set by shippers and carriers when proposing solutions to consignees.

    • Constant visibility

Status of assets is assured with constant touch points reported with coherent descriptions directly within your systems – to ensure shipment details are tracked to provide customers a clear view of their package delivery progress.
Our team interacts with yours with complete transparency and efficient communications on a daily basis. Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly calls to review performance analysis keep you informed and driving forward.