HOS Compliance right on time

Carriers and drivers use ELD platforms to record and transfer Hours of Service (HOS). 'Unidentified Driving Records Data Diagnostic Events' occur when more than 30 minutes of driving time for an unidentified driver are recorded.

ELD events grew 202%

from 560K events to 1,693K

with just 24% additional agents

from 17 ELD Compliance-qualified agents to only 21

HOS Compliance punctually delivered

Carriers and drivers utilize ELDs to log and transmit Hours of Service (HOS). 'Unidentified Driving Records Data Diagnostic Events' arise when driving time exceeding 30 minutes is recorded for an unidentified driver.

LYNXUS provides advanced ELD processing

Productivity improvements outpaced FTE growth for this client

LYNXUS ELD Compliance Agents quickly resolve Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) events for clients including North America's largest LTL Network Alliance. They get fast answers to events related to power, data synchronization, missing data, timing, positioning, data recording, data transfer, and unidentified driver records.

LYNXUS delivers intelligent ELD processing

    • Knowledgeable unscripted professionals

LYNXUS ELD compliance-qualified agents are capable problem solvers acting on their own to resolve ELD situations. They will contact drivers and carrier contacts until they have discovered the issue and walked everyone involved in how to provide either digital or manual proof of hours.

    • Expert communicators

Your dedicated LYNXUS ELD compliance-qualified agents must pass demanding LYNXUS interpersonal communications and inference training (LICIT).™ It's not enough to read off a script. Our agents are attuned to interpret meaning from intonation and inflection so they establish rapport and get the best results quickly and maintain positive relations with drivers and your internal teams.

    • Assured compliance

HOS intelligence is assured with constant electronic touch points through ELD devices. But when that digital connection breaks down, it requires an experienced human-in-the-loop to keep compliant with federal regulations. Our team interacts with yours with complete transparency and efficient communications on a daily basis. Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly calls to review performance analysis keep you informed and driving forward.