Proactive appointment setting

LYNXUS gets appointment setting in the fast lane.

LYNXUS appointment setting systems and human-in-the-loop agents drive confidence across your operations, sales, and customer service teams. It takes LYNXUS’ unfailing attention to appointment detail to instill confidence with your internal operations, salespeople, and customer service.

Appointment setting

LYNXUS gets appointment setting in the fast lane.

LYNXUS offers efficient Appointment Setting

    • Issue-free appointments

LYNXUS’ trained appointment agents proactively update data when securing an appointment, like:

    • Facility equipment restrictions on truck length, vans, reefers, or flatbeds.

    • Docking constraints.

    • Limited access issues.

    • Specific P&D requirements such as lift-gate.

    • Lumpers to unload non-palletized loads at the specified time.

    • Parking capacity onsite and overnight.

Even if specialized load drivers think they know all the location details, they may not know how current events impact daily policy changes, hours of operation fluctuations, and labor difficulties.

    • Service first

Your team is solely dedicated to your account. KPI’s are a measurement of both productivity and quality assurance but they are only a reflection of each agent’s work to compile, communicate, and follow through on each appointment’s specifics. That commitment by LYNXUS is what helps develop profitable affinity between carriers, distribution centers, and consignees.

    • Efficiency analysis

Change is constant. No one can predict how natural and man-made disasters may impact the routes and delivery schedules on any day. So rescheduling is part of the job.
However, analysis of driver reliability and distribution center performance can identify trends. The insights garnered from the analysis is input into decision making processes enabling our clients to bypass avoidable problems and improve their supply chain efficiency.