LYNXUS Intelligent Solutions approach

LYNXUS delivers intelligent business operations solutions that accelerate our clients' success, efficiency, predictability, and revenue growth.

LYNXUS Intelligent Solutions directory

Transportation & Logistics

Carrier Sales

At LYNXUS, we excel in Carrier Sales Operations with a focus on procuring the right carrier, at the right price, and ensuring all risk and compliance checks have been made. Our highly experienced team ensures optimal pricing, strong carrier relationships, and meticulous execution of processes, exceeding load and margin expectations.

HOS Compliance

LYNXUS ensures HOS compliance with ELD platforms, swiftly resolving events for clients like North America’s largest LTL Network Alliance, leading to processing a 202% increase in ELD events.

Shipment Tracking

LYNXUS ensures precise Track & Trace with agents recording detailed movement notes directly into your TMS, offering intelligent 24/7 monitoring, glitch resolution, and proactive communication with drivers, checkpoints, and delivery destinations.

Appointment setting

LYNXUS excels in proactive Appointment Setting, combining intelligent systems and human-in-the-loop agents to instill confidence in operations, sales, and customer service.


LYNXUS prioritizes every aspect of the delivery process, including thorough claim investigations to address inconveniences or discontent.

All Industries

Customer Experience

LYNXUS emphasizes unscripted customer care for enhanced satisfaction, with professionals providing personal, empathetic interactions, resulting in a 90% reduction in email backlog and response time.

Collections & Order-To-Cash

LYNXUS collaborates with leaders like Billtrust and Navix to accelerate Order-to-Cash processes, leveraging Billtrust's expertise in processing over $1 trillion in invoice dollars.

Data & Analytics

LYNXUS specializes in data-driven decision-making, employing skilled data scientists to uncover patterns and trends for actionable insights.

Back office

LYNXUS offers back-office services to streamline operations and enhance profitability, driven by industry experts providing tailored solutions.


LYNXUS addresses cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the logistics industry, offering assessments and proactive protection programs to counter emerging threats, secure digital information exchanges, and prevent disruptions caused by ransomware and data hacks.

Invoice processing

LYNXUS streamlines invoice and T&E processing, relieving your team of tedious tasks like delivery, verification, and comparison.

Lead Generation

LYNXUS enhances lead generation for Transportation & Logistics companies through omni-channel outreach, employing capabilities like outbound and inbound calling, automated email, chat, and strategic portfolio analysis.

Quality control

Proactive reinforcement by our LYNXUS agents for pick-ups, shipment updates, and delivery requirements are key to LYNXUS active risk mitigation to achieve the highest quality service for your shipments.

Experienced leadership

LYNXUS leaders leverage data and knowhow to guide carriers and shippers to identify issues and implement the best solution to improve results. Process automation recommendations can return savings directly to your bottom line.

Scale at will

With LYNXUS expansive skilled talent resources and advanced technical expertise, you can scale up operations to adjust to market fluctuations, seasonal demand, or extension into additional geographies and markets.

Control costs

Save 40% to 60% in your operational costs and improve process outcomes.

Our process engineers continually examine your operations data. They work with our processing teams to improve daily performance. They also work with you to recommend and implement efficiency and automation enhancements. The net gain is passed to you, for better results, cost savings, and improved profitability.

Process securely

Our tech stack covers every popular platform for interoperability and noise-free transition.

LYNXUS operations centers have achieved rigorous security approval SOC 2 Type II.

Get better outcomes

Eliminate backlogs and time losses with agents who achieve higher performance quality for less cost than US-based operations.

LYNXUS puts our own fees on the line to make sure your KPIs are met. Account management implements time-tested quality control measures assisted by advanced technologies that assure individual accountability. Proactive and predictive data analysis starts in the planning phase, through change management, training, and transition, into operations normalization and continuous improvement.